Chesnut Cottage Bed and Breakfast Logo
Al's Upstairs Italian Restaurant
300 Meeting St.
West Columbia, SC
Blue Marlin
1200 Lincoln Street
Columbia, SC
California Dreaming
401 South Main St.
Columbia, SC

Garibaldi's of Columbia

2013 Green St.
Columbia, SC

Hampton Street Vineyard

1207 Hampton St.
Columbia, SC

Harper's Restaurant
700 Harden St.
Columbia, SC

Hennessy's Restaurant

1649 Main Street
Columbia, SC

Motor Supply Company Bistro

920 Gervais St.
Columbia, SC

Delaney's Irish Pub

741 Saluda Ave.
Columbia, SC

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The Columbia Museum of Art

Paintings, pottery and glass, furniture and rotating exhibits. Corner of Main and Hampton Streets, Columbia, SC. 803-779-2810

The State Museum

Collections and exhibits relating to the history, culture and geography of South Carolina. 302 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC. 803-898-4921.


Riverbanks Zoological Park and Gardens

One of America's finest zoo, Riverbanks has received numerous awards for design, animal care and breeding of endangered species. A new botanical garden is reached via a footbridge crossing the Saluda River. 1 Wildlife Parkway, Columbia, SC. 803-779-8717.

  1. Hampton-Preston House, 1615 Blanding St., Columbia
  2. Lace House (Robertson House), 803 Richland St., Columbia
  3. South Carolina Governor’s Mansion, 800 Richland St., Columbia
  4. South Carolina State Hospital, Mills Building (South Carolina Lunatic Asylum), 2100 Bull St., Columbia
  5. Old Campus District, University of South Carolina, (University of South Carolina Historic District), Columbia
  6. South Carolina State House, Main & Gervais Sts., Columbia
  7. Ainsley Hall House (Robert Mills House), 1616 Blanding St., Columbia
  8. Washington Street United Methodist Church, 1401 Washington St., Columbia
  9. First Baptist Church, 1306 Hampton St., Columbia
  10. First Presbyterian Church, 1324 Marion St., Columbia
  11. Kensington Plantation House, off S.C. Hwy. 764, Eastover vicinity
  12. Trinity Episcopal Church, 1100 Sumter St., Columbia
  13. Millwood, U.S. Hwy. 378, Columbia vicinity
  14. Hale-Elmore-Seibels House (Seibels House), 1601 Richland St., Columbia
  15. Horry-Guignard House, 1527 Senate St., Columbia
  16. Chesnut Cottage, 1718 Hampton St., Columbia
  17. Caldwell-Hampton-Boyleston House, 829 Richland St., Columbia
  18. Columbia Historic District I, Columbia
  19. Columbia Historic District II, Columbia
  20. Arsenal Hill (Palmetto Iron Works and Armory), 1800 Lincoln St., Columbia
  21. Preston C. Lorick House, 1727 Hampton St., Columbia
  22. Thomas Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home, 1705 Hampton St., Columbia
  23. DeBruhl-Marshall House, 1401 Laurel St., Columbia
  24. Sylvan Building (Central National Bank), 1500 Main St., Columbia
  25. Supreme Court of South Carolina Building (Old United States Post Office), Gervais & Sumter Sts., Columbia
  26. Mann-Simons Cottage, 1403 Richland St., Columbia
  27. Union Station (Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and Southern Railway Station; California Dreaming), 401 S. Main St., Columbia      
  28. Columbia City Hall (Old United States Courthouse and Post Office), Main & Laurel Sts., Columbia
  29. Town Theatre, 1012 Sumter St., Columbia
  30. Allen University Historic District, 1530 Harden St., Columbia
  31. Chapelle Administration Building, Allen University, 1530 Harden St., Columbia
  32. Columbia Canal, E bank of the Broad & Congaree Rivers, Columbia
  33. National Loan and Exchange Bank Building (Barringer Building), 1338 Main St., Columbia
  34. Woodrow Memorial Presbyterian Church (Bishop's Memorial A.M.E. Church), 2221 Washington St., Columbia
  35. 1210-1214 Main Street (Capitol Cafe), Columbia
  36. Consolidated Building, 1326-1330 Main St., Columbia
  37. Dovilliers-Manning-Magoffin House, 4203 St. Clair Dr., Columbia
  38. W.B. Smith Whaley House (Dunbar Funeral Home), 1527 Gervais St., Columbia
  39. Eau Claire Town Hall and Survey Publishing Company Building, 3904 Monticello Rd., Columbia
  40. Ebenezer Lutheran Chapel, 1301 Richland St., Columbia
  41. Ensor-Keenan House, 801 Wildwood Ave., Columbia
  42. Heslep House, 203 Saluda Ave., Columbia
  43. B.B. Kirkland Seed and Distributing Company (Hinson Feed and Seed Company), 912 Lady St., Columbia      
  44. Kress Building, 1508 Main St., Columbia
  45. Lever Building, 1613 Main St., Columbia
  46. Logan School, 815 Elmwood Ave., Columbia
  47. McCord House, 1431 Pendleton St., Columbia
  48. Alston House (McDuffie's Antiques), 1811 Gervais St., Columbia
  49. Moore-Mann House, 1611 Hampton St., Columbia
  50. United States Courthouse, 1100 Laurel St., Columbia
  51. Wallace-McGee House, 415 Harden St., Columbia
  52. Zimmerman House, 1332 Pickens St., Columbia
  53. Zimmerman School, 1336 Pickens St., Columbia
  54. Lyles-Gudmundson House, Columbia
  55. Confederate Printing Plant (Evans and Cogswell Company), Gervais & Huger Sts., Columbia
  56. Lutheran Theological Seminary Building, Beam Dormitory, 4201 Main St., Columbia
  57. House of Peace Synagogue (The Big Apple), Hampton & Park Sts., Columbia
  58. Gervais Street Bridge, over the Congaree River, Columbia
  59. 1722-24 Main Street (Bouchier Building), Columbia
  60. Canal Dime Savings Bank, 1530 Main St., Columbia
  61. First National Bank, 1208 Washington St., Columbia
  62. Palmetto Building, 1400 Main St., Columbia
  63. Babcock Building, South Carolina State Hospital, (New South Carolina State Asylum), Bull St., Columbia     
  64. Bethel A.M.E. Church, 1528 Sumter St., Columbia
  65. 303 Saluda Avenue (John C. Heslep House), Columbia
  66. Columbia Mills Building (Mt. Vernon Mill; South Carolina State Museum), Gervais St. on the Congaree River      
  67. Taylor House (Columbia Museum of Art), 1505 Senate St., Columbia
  68. Arcade Building, 1332 Main St., Columbia
  69. West Gervais Street Historic District, Columbia
  70. Richland Cotton Mill (Whaley's Mill), 211-221 Main St., Columbia
  71. Fair-Rutherford and Rutherford Houses, 1326 Gregg St., Columbia
  72. Wardlaw Junior High School (Wardlaw Middle School), 1003 Elmwood Ave., Columbia
  73. Palmetto Compress and Warehouse Company Building, 617 Devine St., Columbia
  1. Chappell House, Cedar Creek vicinity (ADDRESS RESTRICTED)
  2. Keziah Goodwyn Hopkins Brevard House (Alwehav), Horrell Hill vicinity
  3. Laurelwood, Eastover vicinity (Lower Richland County)
  4. Magnolia (Wavering Place), Gadsden vicinity (Lower Richland)
  5. John Jacob Calhoun Koon Farmstead, S.C. Sec. Rd. 27, Ballentine vicinity
  6. George P. Hoffman House, off S.C. Sec. Rd. 54, Blythewood
  7. Grovewood (Weston House), S.C. Hwy. 769, Congaree (Lower Richland County)
  8. J.A. Byrd Mercantile Store, Main St., Eastover (Lower Richland County)
  9. Farmers and Merchants Bank Building (Old Eastover Post Office),
  10. Main St., Eastover (Lower Richland County)
  11. Good Hope Baptist Church, U.S. Hwy. 378, Eastover vicinity (Lower Richland County)
  12. Goodwill Plantation, off U.S. Hwy. 378, Eastover vicinity (Lower Richland County)
  13. Claudius Scott Cottage, S.C. Sec. Rd. 1182, Eastover vicinity (Lower Richland County)
  14. St. Thomas Protestant Episcopal Church, near jct. of U.S. Hwy. 601 & S.C. Hwy. 263, Eastover (Lower Richland County)
  15. John J. Kaminer House, near jct. of S.C. Hwys. 48 & 769, Gadsden (Lower Richland County)
  16. Oakwood (Trumble Cottage), S.C. Hwy. 48, Gadsden vicinity (Lower Richland County)
  17. Richland Presbyterian Church, S.C. Sec. Rd. 1313, Gadsden vicinity (Lower Richland County)
  18. Hopkins Graded School (Old Hopkins School), jct. of S.C. Sec. Rds. 37 & 1412, Hopkins (Lower Richland County)
  19. Hopkins Presbyterian Church (Hopkins Methodist Church), near jct. of S.C. Sec. Rds. 66 & 86, Hopkins (Lower Richland County)
  20. Barber House, off S.C. Sec. Rd. 37, Hopkins vicinity (Lower Richland County)
  21. Nipper Creek, 38RD18, Blythewood vicinity
  22. Claussen’s Bakery (Claussen's Inn), 2001-2003 Greene St., Columbia
  23. Benedict College Historic District, Columbia
  24. St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, 1529 Assembly St., Columbia
  25. Waverly Historic District, Columbia
  26. Greyhound Bus Depot, 1200 Blanding St., Columbia
  27. Elmwood Park Historic District, Columbia
  28. Granby Mill Village Historic District, Granby
  29. Modjeska Monteith Simkins House, 2025 Marion St., Columbia
  30. North Carolina Mutual Building, 1001, 1001 1/2 and 1003 Washington St., Columbia
  31. Olympia Armory, 511 Granby Ln., Columbia
  32. Randolph Cemetery, western terminus of Elmwood Ave., Columbia
  33. World War Memorial Building, 920 Sumter St., at jct. with Pendleton St., Columbia
  34. South Carolina Penitentiary, 1511 Williams St., Columbia
  35. Siloam School, 1331 Congaree Rd., Eastover vicinity (African-American Primary and Secondary School Buildings MPS)
  36. St. Phillip School, 4350 McCords Ferry Rd., Eastover vicinity (African-American Primary and Secondary School Buildings MPS)
  37. Southern Cotton Oil Company, 737 Gadsden St., Columbia
  38. Elmwood Cemetery, 501 Elmwood Ave., Columbia
  39. Sidney Park C.M.E. Church, 1114 Blanding St., Columbia
  40. Big Lake Cattle Mound, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  41. Brady’s Cattle Mound, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  42. Bridge Abutments, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  43. Cattle Mound #6, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  44. Cook’s Lake Cattle Mound, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  45. Cooner’s Cattle Mound, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  46. Dead River Cattle Mound, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  47. Dead River Dike, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  48. Northwest Boundary Dike, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  49. Southwest Boundary Dike, Hopkins vicinity (Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS)
  50. McMaster School, 1106 Pickens St., Columbia
  51. Bellevue Historic District, Columbia
  52. Curtiss-Wright Hangar (Owens Field Municipal Airport Hangar), 1400 Jim Hamilton Blvd., Columbia
  53. Ladson Presbyterian Church, 1720 Sumter St., Columbia
  54. George R. Price House, 3000 Forest Dr., Columbia
  55. South Carolina State Armory, 1219 Assembly St., Columbia
  56. Carver Theatre, 1519 Harden St., Columbia
  57. Old Shandon Historic District, Columbia
  58. University Neighborhood Historic District, Columbia
  59. Olympia Mill, 500 Heyward St., Columbia
  60. North Columbia Fire Station No. 7, 2622 N. Main St., Columbia
  61. Columbia Township Auditorium, 1703 Taylor St., Columbia (Segregation in Columbia, South Carolina MPS)
  62. Harden Street Substation, 1901 Harden St., Columbia (Segregation in Columbia, South Carolina MPS)
  63. A.P. Williams Funeral Home, 1808 Washington St., Columbia (Segregation in Columbia, South Carolina MPS)
1718 Hampton Street • Columbia, South Carolina 29201 • 803-256-1718
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